To improve the physical, mental and spiritual state of the afflicted person, this is a very simple self-ruqyah programme to be followed by the afflicted person and their immediate family members on a consistent basis until all symptoms have cleared up:

1. Pray Salah 5 times a day on time everyday

2. Read the Morning and Evening Adhkar (Dua) everyday from the small dua book or app called ‘Fortress of the Muslim’ or ‘Hisnul Muslim’ or ‘The key to a successful day’

Please click the links below to download:





3. Read at least 1 page from the Quran with translation everyday

Recommended Quran app:



4. Drink at least 2 litres of Ruqyah(recited) Water everyday

5. Have bath or shower regularly with the Ruqyah(recited) Water by mixing it in the bath water

6. Apply the Ruqyah(recited) Oil all over the body after the bath or shower or any other time as required

7. If there are any aches, pains or discomfort at any time apply the Ruqyah(recited) Oil on the effected area

8. Apply small amount of “Black Musk” Attar(Perfume Oil) under the nose and private parts area at bed time (available at most Islamic Shops)

9. Sprinkle/Spray Ruqyah(recited) Water around the house on all the corners of every room, the beds and the doors and windows that lead outside

10. Listen to at least one Ruqyah Audio everyday from the links below in that particular order, ideally on headphones

Please click the links below to download or play the audio Ruqyah:

a. General Ruqyah: Download


b. Ruqyah for Sihr (Black Magic): Download


c. Ruqyah for Ayn/Hasad (Evil Eye/Envy/Jealousy): Download


d. Ruqyah to Destroy Evil Jinn: Download


e. Ruqyah for Shifa (Cure): Download


11. Play Surah Baqarah in the house everyday in the evening loudly on speakers

Ruqyah for the House – Surah Baqarah (play loudly on speakers): Download


12. Hijamah (Cupping) Therapy once every month or per recommendation of the Therapist until all of the symptoms have cleared up. Inform the Therapist of your condition and aches or pains. (Recommended points: Sunnah points, Head, Heart, Stomach including Belly Button area, Fertility Points and wherever there are aches and pains).