We are Ruqyah Central, Centre for spiritual counselling & healing by Quran & Sunnah. We believe in authentic Ruqyah for all and we do not turn anyone away.

Ruqyah Central is based in Whitechapel, only a short distance away from the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre & Maryam Centre.

“Ruqyah” or (Ruqya, Rukya, Roqya, Rokya, Rukiya) is an Arabic word and in this context is the action of reciting the Quran and Dua (supplications) in order to seek cure from Allah for any illnesses of the mind, body and soul.

In recent traditions Ruqyah therapy has been generally used to only treat spiritual illnesses such as Demonic or Jinn Possession – (Mass), Black Magic – (Sihr) and Evil Eye / Envy / Jealousy – (Ayn / Hasad).



Here at Ruqyah Central we take a holistic approach to Ruqyah. We believe Ruqyah as a form of therapy should be sought alongside any ongoing medical treatment.

We offer Ruqyah with Counselling as a treatment for symptoms such as Depression, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Anger Problems, OCD, Addiction, Sleep Paralysis, Skin Conditions, Aches and Pains among others. We also offer Ruqyah for any other medical and mental health conditions including terminal illnesses such as Cancer.

Ruqyah Central has been helping thousands of people and offered over 1500 free Ruqyah sessions as well as many discounted sessions with continued counselling and support over the phone free of charge and gave away free ruqyah water and ruqyah oil for the last 3 years. We continue to offer over 40 free Ruqyah sessions every month to those in need and unable to afford the costs.

With almost 15 years of experience in the field of Ruqyah, the positive impact our services have had on individuals and families has been extraordinary.



In recent times, with the influence of social media the field of Ruqyah had been hijacked by charlatans, opportunists and rogue individuals in order to benefit themselves by exploiting vulnerable people in need. Ruqyah Central has always maintained a professional approach and we are recognised and well regarded in the community in which we operate. We are located just 5 minutes walk away from the largest mosque East London Mosque in Whitechapel and receive regular referrals from the mosque.

We ensure standards by implementing the following:

  • Approach is based on training, research and guidance from learned scholars, who specialise in this field
  • Abide by authentic practices of Ruqyah based on Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Similar set-up to a doctor’s surgery with a team of trained and experienced practitioners (Ruqaat or Raqi)
  • Provide motivational, practical and solutions oriented counselling to all our clients
  • Maintain a strict codes of conduct for our practitioners to ensure a ‘doctor patient’ type relationship
  • Provide continual and regular training to all practitioners to maintain standards, under the close scrutiny of scholars, who regularly review our work and practice
  • Provide a safe environment for both patient and Raqi. We have extra staff on site to ensure safety is a priority
  • Discourage practitioners from working independently where there is no accountability and no sounding boards when faced with difficult situations. This also helps prevent practitioners and patients from being in vulnerable or manipulating situations
  • Affordability is key. Our rates are the most affordable around and we provide FREE services to those who cannot afford the fees. We have a ‘no turn away’ policy and thus provide a minimum of 40 FREE sessions each month
  • Continually engaged in research and development to ensure we are improving our practice and have worked with the NHS hospitals to provide services to patients suffering from mental health issues
  • Plans to expand into other cities around the world